Things I love about my school

1. My classmates

Classmates are always there who share my smile, tear and all emotions. They are always willing to help and are the main reason to make A1704 A1704.


Just have a look at our class decoration for chinese new year. It is fantastic isn’t it??

All of us agreed to use the theme of organic chemistry mind map as our decoration so that everybody can remember them.  (yeah it sounds funny but yea we did it. 😉 )

This is our class’s group photo and the other is the photo of me and my friends on our way back to school from 2016 graduation ceremony. It is a big and fun group and I don’t really feel left out even though I am the only Myanmar in the class.

2.The activities

School is not all about learning. It is the ground where you enrich your life with all loads of experiences. I got a chance to volunteer at a certain dog association which really made me delighted since i am a big dog lover. We also have debate club and i also was able to join SCMUN to improve my language skills.

3. The school itself

Surrounded by nature and a place full of many animals. (Including snakes :::0)

The first photo shows an owl which was very big and I was too scared to go nearer. I took it on the night of our school Halloween Party. (It sounds already creepy enough to find a big owl at night while having a Halloween Party)

The second photo is our class’s daily guest for morning classes. (IT IS SUPER CUTE!!) It always come to our class’s window in the morning and would peck the glass constantly.

4. The teachers

Of course school is where the teachers and friends are. It won’t be a school if we don’t have our lovely teachers. (I apologize ahead for not having pictures of all my LOVELY teachers.)

Teachers are always attentive and ready to help us anytime anywhere.

Thank you very much for reading!!



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